QMI Solutions was founded in 1993 as the Queensland Manufacturing Institute – Australia’s premier technology diffusion agency. Its founding members were the Queensland Government’s Department of Business, Industry and Regional Development, TAFE, CSIRO and QUT.


In the late 1990s, CSIRO was replaced by the University of Queensland and the company evolved through strong relationships with the Queensland Government especially the Department of State Development (DSD)the Department of Education and Training (DET) and the Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation (DSITI).


Through these relationships  QMI Solutions has successfully diffused a number of important technologies and practices that have allowed manufacturing to become globally competitive including:

  • 3D Printing

  • Water-jet cutting

  • Selective laser sintering

  • Incremental sheet forming

  • Lean Manufacturing and Product Development

  • Supply chain management and much more


In previous years QMI Solutions merged with three key organisations to create an integrated centre of excellence for business, manufacturing and industry.


They were:

  • Manufacturing Skills Queensland (MSQ) in 2007 enabling the company to take a lead role in the development of workplace improvement strategies for the manufacturing sector.

  • ICN Queensland in 2008, providing QMI Solutions with the capability to contribute to business growth by providing opportunities for Queensland industry to work with major domestic and global projects.

  • The Australian Institute for Commercialisation in 2011, enabling QMI Solutions to work with entrepreneurs, businesses, research organisations and governments to convert ideas or intellectual property into successful business outcomes.


As a result QMI Solutions has established a specialist consulting team dedicated to helping Australian industry improve by introducing new ideas and business tools that help solve their challenges.

In recent times QMI have forged a Joint Venture with Ionyx to create the Online Procurement Services.

With a combined total of more than fifty years’ experience in supporting and assisting businesses, the contemporary QMI Solutions builds on the impressive track record of its heritage, now working with entrepreneurs, industry, research organisations and governments, bringing together a wealth of knowledge to help businesses improve and grow.

Our Vision

QMI Solutions helps make new possible


Our Purpose

We divide our purpose into three key categories – our WHY, HOW and WHAT. 



We believe everything we do with Australian industry today better equips them to compete tomorrow


We bring new ideas and business tools to solve Australian industry’s challenges


We empower business and connect expertise


Our Values

QMI Solutions strives towards fostering a culture where our people are valued for their contribution individually and as a team ultimately to achieve success for our clients and stakeholders. Underpinning the way the company operates and the way we attract, retain and develop people are QMI Solutions’ values, which are represented by the acronym:



Integrity and Respect

We approach all of our work with genuine interest and respect for everyone

Make A Difference

It’s not about ticking the boxes but about breaking the barriers



Every day we ensure we do our very best for both our company and our clients


We can look anyone in the eye with pride because we always care about results


Client Focused

Without clients we are nothing for they are the life blood of our company



By pulling together we know that we are stronger and can achieve many great things

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