The Australian Institute for Commercialisation (AIC)

Is a brand of QMI Solutions and provides innovation and collaboration services that help organisations grow. Nationally, we work with Entrepreneurs, Businesses, Research Organisations and Governments to convert ideas or intellectual property into successful business outcomes.

Using our networks and experience, we deliver services to achieve that by establishing partnerships, improving skills, and providing commercialisation advice.

We are also an advocate for commercialisation, and assist government with policy initiatives and thought leadership in the innovation space.

The AIC's core competencies include:

  • extensive innovation networks across Australia, including the research sector

  • relationships with many governments

  • the AIC business model – independent and not-for-profit, trusted, able to take risk

  • ability to facilitate collaboration across stakeholder sectors

  • know-how, experience and skills in commercialisation planning and execution

  • experience and track record as an innovation intermediary

  • the diversity of skills and experience of AIC staff


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