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New video social network fosters opportunities for small business and industry

The new video social network created by QMI Solutions aims to do a lot more than help drive industry innovation through moving pictures. We believe that by fostering your ideas, skills and experience, it will ensure a sustainable and prosperous future for our industries. The Vuable video platform links small business and startups with larger organisations, including innovators, researchers and major projects.

Founded 25 years ago as the Queensland Manufacturing Institute and now a national industry solutions catalyst and technology disseminator – QMI Solutions is well known for taking the lead in introducing new technologies to industry, successfully.

“QMI successfully introduced the first industrial 3D printing system into Australia 20 years ago” said QMI Solutions Managing Director & CEO Gary Christian. “Vuable has been created in direct response to industry challenges in visibility, market access, collaboration and innovation.”

Mr Christian also foresees Vuable as having a significant role in connecting Australian researchers with industry and in helping companies market their innovations and products nationally and, eventually, internationally.

The market has adopted video through Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat stories, is an indication of how a well-planned and astutely organised video platform like Vuable can positively impact industry business growth.

“When QMI started to research and investigate a the concept of Vuable, we looked around the globe to see if we could find anything like it. Obviously, YouTube and other social media platforms serve a diverse range of video content to the masses, but there was nothing just dedicated to small business, industry and innovators” said Norm McGillivray, QMI Manager – Contracts and Engagement.

Vuable serves a range of small businesses in the sectors in which QMI and ICN Qld is already active – and that is suppliers into major projects, manufacturers and their intermediaries, projects in development and innovators. It is however not limited to these industries. Retail, construction, business services, tech and financial institutions, government departments and research organisations, can all benefit from connecting with others through the network.


Cisco Systems released a report earlier this year on the impact of internet-delivered video, estimating that by 2018 people will consume about 80 percent of their online information through video.

The growth of video information has been driven largely by the smartphone, Mr McGillivray said. Industry is rapidly coming to grips with its potential, with many already incorporating video into training and apps.

Mr McGillivray, who has been working with a team of professionals on Vuable for just over 12 months, said observations of the video trend is backed by QMI’s investment in the system.

“I see small businesses in general using video in many ways, along with larger organisations including government departments” he said. “Members of Vuable may initially use it to say who they are, what they do and who they work with. Taking their capabilities from text into the visual space.”

“Research organisations and government departments will use Vuable to show what assistance programs are available, and what research organisations are doing currently.”

He said QMI could also see Vuable impacting the project space, highlighting major projects and being used practically for infrastructure to supply information, for contractors, community engagement, “and social good”.

Mr McGillivray said Vuable would almost immediately enable existing QMI and ICN Queensland customers to elevate their ability to market – an ongoing challenge in the manufacturing sector.

“The use of a mobile is key. Filming video on-the-go and accessing a range of fantastic video editing apps make videoing easy and low-cost for businesses.”


A useful feature is Vuable’s search functionality, which utilises hashtags, while full instant messaging capabilities are incorporated. This removes the friction from the dreaded cold call, and adds the ability for subscribers to interact, business to business, and arrange anything from meeting informally over a cup of coffee to arranging a site meeting at a business’s premises; we think this is a pretty cool feature.

Suppliers and innovators can come on-board and enjoy a free trial period of 30 days. To continue using Vuable there is a month-by-month subscription that’s $25. It’s very flexible, with total control to pause and resume a subscription at any time.

“Vuable is a first of its kind and in the form of a dedicated video platform for industry and innovation. We are very proud of that,” Mr McGillivray said.

“The vision of QMI is that QMI helps make new possible … Vuable will help us to supercharge that vision.”

For more information visit or call 07 3364 0700.

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